3D Printing Guide

How Can I Make Models Suitable for Printing?

Models may need cleanup and adjustment before they can be printed. These tools and tutorials can help when you are processing your models:

Netfabb Tutorials

Repair Software, helps to fix and repair 3D Files. 

A Step-by-step guide with exercise files can be downloaded. 2 video tutorials show how to repair files, check printability and do automatic packing. 

Makerbot Customizer on Thingiverse

A Web App, allows to modify existing models. Click here to download the App.

Makerbot provides a simple and basic tutorial. 

GrabCAD Workbench Tutorials 

A cloud-based PDM (product data management) solution, helps to manage, view and share CAD files. 

8 video tutorials give an overview of GrabCAD Workbencn.