The Program on Information Science of MIT Libraries is engaged with:

  • Identifying and characterizing the best exemplars of makerspaces in academic libraries
  • Surveying research libraries to understand emerging practices
  • Designing and conducting qualitative interviews of 3D printing service providers at MIT
  • Developing a guide for patrons interested in 3D printing

Rapid fabrication and scanning technologies have made it increasingly easy to transform information into physical objects, and vice-versa. 

Research libraries are increasingly engaged in monitoring, assessing, and engaging in the area of information production and management. Many libraries are exploring these technologies to support information literacy, and research. 

Rapid fabrication blurs the lines between information and physical objects, and raises intriguing questions about the changing nature of information literacy; the future of library spaces; and the extension of information life-cycles to include materialization as physical objects. 

The Program on Information Science  at the MIT Libraries created this site to provide information on rapid fabrication at MIT, and to provide information on research projects the program conducts that examine the potential role of rapid fabrication technologies within research libraries.